NetVault 11.3 : Download & Installation

In this post we will see how to download and install NetVault 11.3 from the editor Quest Software.

Install on a Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system.


To download NetVault 11.3, you can go here :

Be sure in the dropdown list to select the latest product version (11.3 in our case) and choose Platform Install in the dropdown list where you have All Categories.

We gonna install the NetVault Backup 11.3 Server Installation for Windows x86 (Hybrid)

You will have the possibility to download documentation like administrator’s guide at this moment


Here the executable we have after download :


Execute the application with administrator rights

Choose the language you want to install

The wizzard check all the prerequisites needed and will ask you to install the necessary (Visual C++)

After all the prerequisites installed, we can now launch the installation of NetVault

Click on Next

Accept the agreement then click Next

By default, the installation path is  “C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest\NetVault Backup”

We change it for : E:\Quest\NetvaultBackup for the following reasons :

1/ We don’t want to install the software on the C:/, C:/ is mainly for operating system, but you can install where you want.

2/ We delete “Program Files (x86) and the space between NetVault & Backup, for scripting usage, it’s easier to manage a path without () and space.

Choose the name of your server then click Next

Type the password you want then click Next

You can change the path where the NetVault database is install (database contains mainly the catalog of your backup), you will have to specify a volume with a good amount of free space (depending of what you gonna backup). Change the path if necessary then click Next


Type the password of the superuser of the PostgreSQL database used by NetVault then click Next

Here a resume of the configuration you choose previously during the wizard, verify and then click Next if everythin is OK for you.

Install in progress…

Install is now OK, click on Finish

2 shortscuts are created under the Windows Server 2012 R2 menu under “Quest”

  • Netvault Configurator open the configurator UI for the NetVault Server :

  • NetVault WebUI is the shorcut to gain access to the NetVault Web Interface, you can also bookmark this URL https://localhost:8443/index.html or https://ipadress:8443/index.html :

You can now authenticate with the account “admin”, you don’t have to type a password, you have to define the password later if you want under Manage Users.

The Web UI is OK, the install is completed

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