vCSA 6.x – Solutions – Partition “/” full

In this article we will approach the problem which happened to me recently when I wanted to use the update of VCSA 6.0…

When I wanted to update VCSA appliance to 6.0, I got a message telling me that the disk space was insufficient to prepare for the update…

Below you can see the solution I used…

1/ connect in SSH on the appliance and activate the Shell

2/ to activate the shell type “shell.set –enabled –true”

3/ we check the available disk space by the command df –h

Ouch… 0 % free space =]

4/ It is actually audit.log file which was 4.5 GB. It is in /var/log/audit/

5/ Go to /etc/logrotate.d, then launch logrotate audit

You will have to find the space and you will be able to launch the updates… 🙂

If you cannot make the space free by rotating the audit file, you can also increase the size of the disk by means of this KB: KB212276



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